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ACYON Enterprises      Nederlands

Inspirational Training
Mental Coaching
The Company

Inspired to grow.

ACYON Enterprises is an umbrella covering different activities such as:
  • Publications
    Writing and publishing a weekly column, articles, books and inspire readers to participate in writing a book as a group approach.
  • Mental Coaching
    Personal counselling services with the aim to improve the quality of life.
  • Centre for Inspiration
    The Centre for Inspiration offers the following services:
    • Walk-in Centre for Inspiration to inspire and challenge people to empower them selves in dealing with perceived problems,
    • Organise lectures and forums
    • Workshops and training services in social skills and awareness of the psychological processes in dealing with the world around us.
    • Consultancy to improve work environment and assistance in change management
Our Vision
We are four enthusiastic people with a vision that everyone has the potential to improve her/his current situation in life building a better world for her/him-self and subsequently for everyone around her/him.

Our Mission
We feel it as our mission to challenge and inspire people to embark on this venture and formed this company which we named "ACYON Enterprises".

 Last update:  26 January  2006